How do I change my time-frame after I've made the purchase?

If your pass entry time hasn't begun, just cancel your existing pass for a full refund and rebook a new pass. Then you can choose the timeframe more suited to your needs. (Please note, the cost may adjust with the new timing.)

If your pass entry time has elapsed, your ParkWhiz pass can't be cancelled, but you may be able to stay longer. This depends of course on the actual operating hours of where you parked, as some locations physically close up at certain times or become unattended. If you need to stay longer, there are 2 options:

  1. Check in the app to see if your reserved location offers "extension available". If so, you may follow the steps in the app to add more time to the end of your existing reservation.
  2. If your location does not offer extensions, it's best practice to physically visit the facility where you're parked. Check for posted operating hours or speak with an on-site attendant to determine next steps.
  • TIP: Most valet locations in NYC, as well as most scan-in/scan-out garages in Chicago will allow you to stay longer than the end time on your pass, but you should expect to be charged for the extra time when exiting.
If you stay parked somewhere on an expired pass, there is a risk of being ticketed or towed, so to mitigate this we recommend returning to your car before your pass end time. At the very least if this is not possible, please call the location directly.

One more thing, we do not encourage booking a second pass for back-to-back reservations to add time - as this process would still mean you need to physically visit the location, exit, and re-enter on the new pass.

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