What is an "over-sized vehicle?"

Basically, any vehicle you wouldn't call a "car". To get technical, an over-sized vehicle is one that is at least 181 inches (15'1") long and 70 inches (5'10") high. Any vehicle that meets or exceeds these dimensions is subject to the over-sized vehicle charge. If the charge isn't included in your booking price, then this fee is assessed and paid onsite.

It's important to note that the decision to charge for oversize is ultimately up to the discretion of the attendant, who may not have the time to measure your vehicle upon arrival. As a general rule, we advise folks to be prepared for the possibility of an oversize fee if you're driving anything larger than a sedan.

The below vehicles are examples of what would be considered over-sized:

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Toyota Sienna

Nissan Pathfinder

Honda Odyssey

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