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ParkWhiz for Business

How do I get my business signed up?

Getting set up has never been easier! Simply click here to view our business specific page and click the red enroll button in the top right to get started.

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Can I book parking for visitors of my business?

Yes you can! Once enrolled, you'll be able to send parking confirmations directly to your visitors without forwarding the email from your own inbox. Prior to booking, you'll also be given the option to pay the ...

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Can I book monthly parking for my employees?

You can indeed! Just make sure that you select your business account as the payment method when checking out. For group monthly inquiries, send an email to for a quick consultation and ass...

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Can I have a personal and a business account?

Absolutely! Your business account will share the same login as your personal. Before booking a spot, just check the payment method at checkout. Personal accounts will be tied to your credit card/PayPal account,...

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