How do I set up a Business Profile account?

This is a new feature that allows our customers to keep track of business expenses and keep business-related parking receipts separate when you’re using a company card. To get set up, you’ll need to log in to your ParkWhiz account and select ‘Payment Methods’ from the menu on the left.

Once you’ve opened up ‘Payment Methods,’ select the ‘Add Business Profile’ icon.

From there you can add a card to use for business-associated bookings. You can also add an (optional) business email address that your business receipts will be sent to automatically. If you leave this blank, then these receipts will simply be sent to your regular email address.

You can also choose to link your account to an existing Concur or Expensify account to easily expense your business bookings through their service. Select the ‘Link and Save’ box and a window will pop up prompting you to sign into either your Concur or Expensify account. After you’ve signed into your preferred service, another window will pop up and link the ParkWhiz account to the Concur or Expensify app. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, then you have completed the merge.  


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